In Jan 2015 Government of Canada has launched a new program by name Express Entry which is basically allowing people with Managerial, Technical and Professional qualification the option of Migration. It is points based system, By getting 67 points in FSW category out of 100 points you have cleared the first milestone of Eligibility. If you opt for Express Entry Program you will get access to the Government of Canada's Job bank as well where hundreds of employers are looking for qualified and skilled people. However getting a job is not mandatory for Immigration. If you score high on criteria like Age, Education, Experience, Language and Adaptability you are still eligible to get an Invitation to Apply from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The first step after getting your basic Free Eligibility checked is to enrol with us and we will guide you through the process to upload your profile in Express Entry pool.


1. Free Health Care for your whole family

2. Free Education for your kids

3. Employment benefits

4. You can sponsor your friends, family to visit Canada

5. Tuition fee waiver for studies

6. You can set up your own business

7. You can visit different countries without the Visa once you become resident of Canada

8. Social, accommodation, many government benefits

9. You can visit USA

10. Many more benefits from government of Canada if you become Canada Permanent Resident

11.You can work in any field

Find out whether you are eligible or not for Canada Permanent Residence visa simply by filling our online assessment Form and one of our expert will get back to you for the further process.



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